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companies from hiring right now because the uncertainty about tax treatment of assets, of investments and so forth. don't you along to congress more than you do the executive branch to try and get something done as far as job growth goes? >> well, that's what the president tried to do last fall by introducing the american jobs act. you're right. i think extremists in congress blocked the ability to get the economy going again through investment in infrastructure, roads, bridges, and schools. everybody knows that needs to be built. we just witnessed it in the northeast. so we think there needs to be a major investment in infrastructure so that we can compete globally. i think it's really important for corporations that it are sitting on $5 trillion of profits to get their investment bank into securing the middle class in this country. i trust that this president is going to make it happen. >> they're not going to do that, though, if they feel that, you know, their taxes are going to go higher, their health care expenses are going to go higher. the president has not been able to get the two si
billionaires living in this building. the reason it's already been under scrutiny is there getting some tax breaks for buyers as well as the developer, originally aimed at low income tax pairs. so, this is a building already under some scrutiny, some controversy. no indication whether they've done anything wrong here but it means people will be watching this very closely to see if anyone was at fault with this crane or anything could have been done earlier because this building is so high profile. >> whoa heard reports they have evacuated the area below and around that building there just in case. certainly we hope for the best there. the reports we've this is the wind -- that high up, that's why they've encouraged people, even if you believe you liv in a safe haven in a high rise in new york city where flooding isn't an issue, the wind becomes an issue because as you got high enough up there, the wind can be up to 110 miles an hour. no doubt, that is what has caused this partial collapse of the crane above that building there at west 57th and 6th avenue in new york city. we're going to tak
this is all about? it is november. you would think people are starting to think about taking profits for tax purposes. >> i don't think it's solely that, but i think that's adding a little fuel to the fire. that may be the reason behind the extra strength today. >> and you got bob benmosche coming up, maria. >> yes, he's going to talk not only about the devastation as a result of sandy, but what his business is looking like, what he's expecting in the next quarter and the quarter to follow. of course, we've seen him trying to continue to tell the story of the government getting out of aig and certainly that has had real implications. looking forward to that. in terms of this market, bill, it's all about the jobs report tomorrow. then you have the election. warren, what about that? what's the betting on the floor in terms of the election? >> to be honest, i think the reaction you're going to get regardless of the outcome is going to be very similar. i think people have come to realize the job is maybe bigger than the individual man. until one side or the other can show they can get the partie
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3